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Our VERY impressive lighting system consists of a "very classy" white light mirrorball fixture, but features  the American DJ Accu Spot 300 intelligent light.  This yoke light weighs in at 39 pounds and retails for $1500!!  This impressive light system is tastefully and discreetly controlled by our laptop computer, particularly refraining from pointing the powerful beams in the eyes of the guests.  This light is very remarkable.  It produces 8 various light patterns, called Gobos, in 10 different colors.  See the photos below for a more accurate view of their capabilities.  These SUPER high quality lights produce quite an exciting spectacle, and enhance the "fun" at any wedding or event.  We consider these lights a "basic" part of our DJ service... and unlike many other DJs, we do NOT charge ANY extra for providing them at each event.  Please see the two photos of the Accu Spot 300 in action below the descriptive photos.

American DJ Accu Spot 300 Light


A few more of the 9 extraordinary patterns available 

with the American DJ Accu Spot 300 Light




           The Mirrorball and its effect - Very mood-enhancing...



 Actual scene from a recent "Sweet 16" Birthday Party


Yet another actual scene from a recent "Sweet 16" Birthday Party





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